Stoneware vase, 23" h,

Robert Schumacher 2015


Stoneware Bowl Robert Schumacher


At the Preserve: two egrets, wheel-thrown porcelain sculpture, Sonya Schumacher, 2016 --sold

Photography by Robin Scott Peters

New Date for Christmas Sale 2018  Schumacher Ceramics

Our store front gallery in Galt ,

on Lincoln Way has been closed as of 10/31. We did feel it was an important transition to our move here to Galt.

 We will have our Christmas Show in the studio at Galt on Dec 8 & 9th(1 week later than usual--Sorry for the change (have pressing family issues). From 11-4 pm. All mailing list customers will get a postcard. Bring it in to receive your discount. It will be indoors rain or shine. Parking is on our rural road.




I've Got my Eyes on You

Robert Schumacher

White Stoneware--sold


My Mind's Eye

Robert Schumacher

Gouache on Paper

Remember we will be at the studio on Marengo Rd , Galt for the Open Studio Tour. It is a country rd. with no sidewalks and parking will be on the street. DO NOT go to the Lincoln Way Gallery.


Double Vision

Robert Schumacher

Gouache on paper


One- Eared Textured Masks

Robert Schumacher



Sandhill Crane Spoon Rest, Sonya Schumacher


The Offering                                2017

Sonya Peterson Schumacher

Wheel-thrown high-fire porcelain 

Schumacher Ceramics

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