Stoneware vase, 23" h,

Robert Schumacher 2015

Stoneware Bowl Robert Schumacher


At the Preserve: two egrets, wheel-thrown porcelain sculpture, Sonya Schumacher, 2016 

Photography by Robin Scott Peters

Spring/ Summer Happenings at Schumacher Ceramics

Our gallery in Galt ,CA will be open Sat & Sun's from 12-4pm.

 Our annual summer exhibit: PLAYFUL... will be July 14 & 15th,12-4pm. Bob will feature some new "Bobble Art" and Sonya will feature her latest Sandhill Crane  sculpture & pottery. Come and join us for to see some playful art, make a pinch crittter that you can take with you ( or we will fire it you pick it up),enjoy live music, and have light refreshments.

We are excited to have instrumental music by Bob Wren on July 14th, And Ron Goldberg on July 15th. Mandolin,ukulele, and guitar

Sonya also wants to make a point to ask people to make a commitment to take care of our Earthly playground, by using less plastic and make sure what you do use is recycleable--rules have changed.

Things to watch for in Summer: The webstore/gallery is ALMOST done! We have a few items that we started out with right now. Slowly  but surely progress is being made. A little more time needed to work on more improvements. Click on the left side menu "Go to new online gallery"


Schumacher Ceramics

232 South Lincoln Wy. #100, Galt, CA 95632

(916) 744-1062,


I've Got my Eyes on You

Robert Schumacher

White Stoneware


My Mind's Eye

Robert Schumacher

Gouache on Paper

Remember we have a new address! To get to Galt take HWY 99. Exit on Central Galt exit. Take C Street to Lincoln Way. Be sure you are on SOUTH Lincoln way.Google has sent people to North Lincoln way.


Double Vision

Robert Schumacher

Gouache on paper


One- Eared Textured Masks

Robert Schumacher



Sandhill Crane Spoon Rest, Sonya Schumacher